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 Whether you live in the UK or any other country, you will find a degree of limitations when buying travel insurance for your holiday, none more so than if you are an expatriate living and/or working in another country.

Finding the right policy can be a challenge in itself and if you are asking any more of a policy, such flexible time scales, hazardous pursuits etc then you really have your work cut out…

One of our web partners is a company called Essential Health, a specialist broker based in the
who focuses purely on Health and Travel Medical cover, they have selected a number of plans to accommodate most eventualities. In addition to this, they have provided an interactive guide which takes you through the choices and options available enabling you to find the right plan for your trip.

This service is provided in conjunction with SevenCorners, a
based specialist insurer. The range of plans is very broad and can accommodate virtually every type of travellers need.

Click the banner below to start the process and follow the simple instructions provided on screen.

Interactive Travel Insurance Guide

If you are looking for a group booking, or something very unique, please feel free to contact Essential Health direct to discuss your needs.

It is reported that considering 3 out of every 100 vacationers experience some type of unexpected, expensive illness, medical emergency or accident when they travel. Most people do not realize how important medical coverage is while they travel abroad. Keep in mind, your standard health insurance may not cover you when you leave your home country.

We hope you will find this service both time saving and informative, either way, travelling without insurance is a dangerous position to be in.

So what does Travel Insurance cover?

Most Travel Insurance policies are designed primarily to cover Medical Expenses incurred as a result of illness or injury, a degree of personal liability cover (if involved in an accident), cover for some luggage and baggage as well as important items such as loss of passport.

Medical Expenses should never be overlooked, what might seem like a relatively small claim can soon stack up. If you are unfortunate to need Emergency Room assistance, High Dependency Care etc, an Airlift from a difficult to reach place or Evacuation to another nearby country, you could be looking at a claim that would run into the thousands and upward. When considered like this, the relatively small cost of travel insurance starts to look more attractive… and lets you focus on enjoying your holiday !!



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