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Health Insurance

Expat Financial Protection  & Medical Insurance

If you are living or working in a foreign country, you may have concerns about the consequences of ill health, incapacity or death upon your lifestyle and family dependants. Insurance provides cover for the cost of medical expenses, doctors and hospital costs, being unable to work, suffering a sudden or serious illness such as cancer or heart attack.

Expat Income Protection Insurance

With more and more people living and working outside their country of birth, exploring new opportunities and vocations, or simply enjoying international business secondments.

Your most important asset is your income. Your lifestyle and standard of living learn to reflect this. Therefore, if your income was stopped or severely reduced due to illness or injury, you would feel the difference very quickly.

You can insure up to 75% of your income against being unable to work due to a medical condition or accident. After the selected deferred or waiting period, you receive a monthly benefit until you are unable to return to work, retire or die.

Expat Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Health Insurance was developed to pay a cash lump sum upon diagnosis of a serious ‘dread’ condition such as cancer, parkinsons’ disease, ms or heart failure. Other conditions are listed but vary from policy to policy.

The policy pays a cash sum upon diagnosis and survival of several listed conditions. So long as you survive 30 days from diagnosis or attack, the policy pays the benefit, tax free (dependant upon agreed taxation at application).

Having financial assistance of this nature allows the policyholder to decide how they wish to use the benefit paid. It could be used to seek medical treatment, help move home or adapt to live with a disability, or simply pay for a holiday of a lifetime.

Sums insured start at as low as $20,000 and can be as high as $1,000,000 depending upon your needs.

Critical illness is often taken in association with life insure as the ability to survive a condition or diagnosis but latterly become terminal, you are comforted with then peace of mind that financial assistance is available to those we leave behind.

Expat Life Insurance

Life insurance quite simply pays a pre-selected cash benefit as a lump sum upon death of a member. Cover is retained so long as premiums are maintained.

Benefit can be used to provide financial assistance to surviving family members, pay off debts and cover funeral costs.

Expat Medical Insurance

Living and working overseas can offer many exciting and interesting opportunities. Understanding new and often alien cultures, learning a new language is one thing, but struggling with help if ill or injured is best to be avoided.

For this reason, many expats rely on the security of knowing their medical insurance will help in the event of needing medical assistance. Most insurance companies maintain a constant presence in most global countries to assist with local knowledge, operate 24/7 telephone assistance, knowing a team of specialists are on hand to start making the arrangements needed to ensure your treatment is secured.

Whether you are looking to insure against routine, day-to-day healthcare costs, or only major costs associated with hospitalisation. Depending on where in the world you are located, having evacuation and repatriation cover is essential to facilitate air-lifts and evacuation where needed.

Many plans allow optional extras to enable policyholders to obtain the personal cover they require. Medical policies can include optional accident insurance and dental insurance.

Family Back Home Insurance

A very different approach to expat health insurance; the policy provides insurance in the event of a loved one ‘back home’ becoming ill or injured. The plan takes care of all the arrangements following a single telephone call to the claims helpline. Flights and transfers are bought and arranged to ensure a quick return to distant family or loved ones.

Expat Property Insurance

So you have managed to find the perfect second, holiday or retirement home and your just getting settled in. Do you have sufficient and compliant insurance in place in the event of damage or loss to your home, property and contents.

Countries differ in their approach to property insurance, some insist on certain benefits, including factors of local knowledge such as tremors or earthquakes. Should you suffer a loss or damage to your home, you need the reassurance of a specialist insurer who can take control of the problem and provide immediate assistance.



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