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A fisherman’s dream. Good fishing, sultry summer , over 200 species of fish, sea and freshwater.  Discover Bulgaria’s blue treasure, fish in secluded lakes and clear sparkling rivers, enjoy fish chase in the Black sea,  feel the power of the fish as your rod bucks violently in your hands. Enjoy fishing as you like it whether a beginner or an expert. On the secluded lakes and following the bubbling rivers, be alone with nature, you and the fish; fishing is about enjoying yourself .Bulgaria is a country of vast beauty that costs so much less, it is not just a country for anglers but for all the family too, while you fish your family can discover Bulgaria with its green mountains, Spa Hotels, Wine tours, beauty and health treatments it has everything for the family and more.

Feel it and  Enjoy it

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Мечтата на рибаря. Добър улов, знойно лято, над 200 вида сладководна и морска риба. Открийте българското синьо съкровище, ловете на воля край закътани язовири или кристално чисти реки, насладете се на риболов в Черно море, почувствайте силата на рибата опитвайки се да удържите въдицата в ръцете си! Подарете си това удоволствие независимо дали сте начинаещ или експерт в риболова!Край усамотено езеро или по течението на реките, насаме с природата, сте само вие и рибата. Защото какво е риболовът, ако не да се забвлявате?България е страна с необятна красота и толкова лесно достъпна. Подходяща не само за вас рибаря, но и за цялото семейство. Докато вие сте на риболов, близките ви могат да се гмурнат  в зелените планини, да отидат на винен тур, да се поглезят с процедури за красота и здраве в спа хотел и още много повече от това.
Почувствайте тръпката и се оставете на удоволствието!


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Fishing In Bulgaria

One of the great pleasures of fishing in Bulgaria is the scenery, and it does not come any better, the picturesque rivers and dams/lakes are stunning and the stillness of an early morning trip with the sun on the water has to be experienced. There is a wealth of wild life, both birds and animals including wolves and bears. Fishing in Bulgaria is not going to break the bank, just look at our accommodation lists.


The giants of freshwater. These rod bending fish are well established in our waters and are guaranteed to give you a rod bending experience. These powerful predators can give you the holiday of your dreams and the experience of a lifetime.

Our waters are well stocked with these tackle testing catfish, most will be 4 kilo or bigger but to add to your excitement fish above 15 kilo are regularly caught and if you are really lucky you could catch one of the really big cats, the record for Bulgaria is 130 kilo caught from Dunav (Denube) river These leviathans of freshwater could be the highlight of your holiday with the pictures to prove it to make your fishing pals envious.

The top waters where the big cats prowl are, Dunav, Maritza, Tudnja Struma and Ivailovgrad Dam, Boats and guides can be hired by the day or week. (Upon request)

Your fishing is from 1hour up to 3hours depending on your chosen spot for fishing drive/transfer available from airport or hotel also included is in the price are fishing tackle, bait, fishing licence if needed, food, camping equipment and accessories and transportation. House renting is not included in the price.


In Bulgaria you will experience some of the best carp fishing in the Balkans with common carp that can top 40 lb and it will be your chance to hook into a powerful grass carp, something you cannot do at home, here they are in many waters and you could find one as big as 45lb on the bank. There is no doubt your buzzers will be working overtime. Enjoy the solitude of the lake Dospat, Ivailovgrad dam, Vacha dam, Tundja Maritza and Dunav Rivers.

ZANDER zander

These exciting predators can be caught all year round on live bait or spinners adding spice to any angling holiday. The popular waters for these are: Ivailovgrad dam, Dunav river and Kurdjali dam.

PIKE pike

Unlike at home, pike are caught year round although during the hottest weather (May to October) the best time to fish is in the morning and evenings when the fish are more active and feeding. You can dead bait, live bait or cast spinners, offering you a variety of fishing experiences. In the cooler months and through the winter pike are active all day with live bait and spinners.


Barble are a prime fish in the UK but not wide spread, in Bulgaria you will get good sport throughout the year in the Struma, Tundja, Maritza and Dunav river, Most of the barble caught will be around from 0,500kg up to 10kg (Dunav river).

TENCH tench

Tench have the same feeding pattern as they have in home waters coming on the feed in the spring with catches continuing through until the autumn. Tench is a fish that is very hard to catch in Bulgaria, it likes silent and quite ponds with lots of water grass, mainly for night fishing from around 0,500 up to 1kg, Some trophy sizes are up to 3kgs.

PERCH perch

All year round in the hot months on life bait, worms, spinners, winter time can be caught on ice fishing.


These exciting fish are active throughout the year. They will take live baits and spinners and for added variety you can cast a fly on All the bigger rivers and dams.

TROUT trout

Balkan trout and rainbows are the top two trout species. The three popular methods for catching the Balkan Trout, a hard scrapper that grows to 7kg in the small tumbling waters of the mountain rivers are, fly, spinning and live baiting. The top rivers are, Dunau, Maritza Tundja and Struma. Like at home the rainbows are in privately owned ponds that are scattered around Bulgaria, you should not be far from one, different fisheries stock different sizes.